Wednesday, May 23, 2012

too much testing!

I feel like I'm torturing some of the kids at my school. Unintentionally of course! 
Last week was EOG testing, and next week is EOG Re-testing, so it would be a great idea to have a week of normalcy between the two weeks of stress and chaos. But of course, that isn't the case. My 2nd through 4th graders need to take the SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) for the last time this year. I hate to have to submit them to yet another test, but we need the data for their records, and this is the last week I'm available to help and monitor them while they take the test in the lab.
I think I'm done complaining now.
Despite having to tackle another test, I have to brag on these children. They have been 110% focused, 120% serious, and 150% determined to rock this SRI test! It makes me so proud knowing that despite testing, remediation, and longing for summer, they are being excellent students by doing their personal best! 
I <3 my students! :)

I went on a rant about testing because it actually leads me into my next topic...Popplet.

I learned about the free Web 2.0 tool at NCTIES, and as soon as I made an account, I LOVED it. I've been working with my 4th graders to teach them how to use the resource to make a North Carolina Popplet.
I know my students love using Popplet just as much as I do, because a few students today were logging into Popplet to work on their project as soon as they finished their SRI test. Talk about dedication and excellent work ethic!

Here's a link to one of their popplets: CL's Popplet
I strongly recommend this tool to anyone, and everyone, that works with students and educators! 
Happy exploring and poppling! :)

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