Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Project

This Pinterest Project isn't very educational, and doesn't really relate to teaching. But it does relate directly to my need to be organized!! :)

I've seen a few pinners share how they organized their makeup and makeup brushes, and it inspired me to organize my own stuff! I forgot to take a before picture of the table in my bedroom, but believe me, it was a complete mess! The table was covered in makeup, mail, receipts, jewelry, and other ridiculous items.

So here's my take on organizing my makeup, brushes, and other products.

The main items that helped me organize my stuff:
Mini glass beads from Michaels (couldn't find a link, but they were $2.79 a bag and in the floral/candle area)

I used the glass tray for blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, etc., and put the mini glass beads in the cups to hold my brushes and mascara.

Here's my newly organized table!

I'm actually really pleased with the end result! It's pretty, and everything has a place. The only thing I'd change (if I could) is that the cup doesn't hold many items once the beads are inside. But, for me it's not an issue because I don't use many brushes and whatnot. There are lots of other options instead of the cups, but I liked them because they had the light green tint like the trays! 

Oh, how organizing makes me happy! :) 
Now, on to the next Pinterest Project!

the perfect SMART Board ball!

I went to Target a few days ago, and started off in the $1 section because I was searching for items to put in my prize box at school. I usually find cute note pads, stickers, art supplies, etc., but nothing amazing. Until the other day!

I found these balls!

My initial reaction was that they were cute, so I got a few different colors for my prize box. The next morning, I went into my best friend's classroom to say good morning, and she was watching a movie on the SMART Board while packing up and getting ready to move classrooms. I showed her my prize box finds, and had the notion to throw the puffy mine ball at the SMART Board. 

And it worked!!

Now let me back up a little bit...
I've had a SMART Board, or some type of interactive whiteboard, for the past 4 years. And in all that time, I've never been able to find the right kind of ball, with the right kind of material, to use with the SMART Board. I've made "Koosh Ball" games, and other activities, where it would be so fun to throw a koosh ball, or something of the sort, at the board, instead of just tapping or poking with a pointer. And the games have never really worked. Until NOW :)

I just finished working on a SMART Notebook document that's a "Meet Mrs. Alexander" game/activity that I'm going to use at Meet the Teacher in August.
Here it is: Meet Mrs. Alexander "Koosh Ball" Game

I'm sure there's other who've heard of the koosh ball games, and have probably even had the right ball for a long time. I feel a little behind, but I'm just SOO excited that I've finally found the perfect one! I suggest you go get some of your own asap at Target! :)